By Dr. Alison Pasciucco

Here’s what to discuss with doctor.

The clear recommendation for most individuals is to accept the coronavirus vaccine when it becomes available to them. The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines have been proved safe and effective, and mass vaccination is critical to reducing the spread of COVID-19.

However, for pregnant women, the choice may feel less certain.

Dr. Alison Pasciucco is an obstetrician for HSC Health at The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth.

As an obstetrician, whether or not to receive the COVID-19 vaccination is the most pressing topic in my discussions with expecting mothers at HSC Health, the clinical arm of The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth. …

By Sally Crocker

The notion of COVID-19 social distancing may seem strange to many of us, but quarantines for the good of public health have been around since the Middle Ages and perhaps even earlier.

The practice of separating the sick to keep other populations well is a public health measure credited throughout history with saving lives and slowing the spread of deadly diseases.

“The word quarantine comes from an Italian phrase, quaranta giorni, meaning 40 days,” said Dr. Thad Miller, Associate Professor of Health Behavior and Health Systems at the HSC School of Public Health. …

A cancer survivor follows into medicine the doctor who brought her back to health

By Alex Branch

Chelsee Greer was 13 when Dr. W. Paul Bowman sat in her hospital room and gently explained how he would try to cure her cancer.

Five hours from their Odessa home, Greer and her mother, Lindee, traveled to Fort Worth after Greer’s hometown pediatrician suspected her fatigue, low-grade fever and night sweats could be caused by Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system.

A biopsy had confirmed it. The athletic teenager was undergoing five rounds of grueling chemotherapy to save her from…

Innovate Fort Worth ignites a conversation between the innovators, investors and entrepreneurs in our community

By: Alex Branch

Want to hear an inspiring story of innovation in Fort Worth? Meet Cam Sadler.

He was a Dunbar High School teacher who cashed in his retirement savings one summer and launched his own start-up company. A few months later, he was in Silicon Valley, the first Fort Worth start-up founder accepted into the seed accelerator that funded AirBnB and Dropbox.

Today, he is CEO of Fort Worth-based Newcraft, an online recruiting platform for software engineers, and opening an office on trendy Magnolia…

When it comes to digital programming for kids, how much is too much?

By Jan Jarvis

They have been dubbed digital natives, and they are the first generation to cut their teeth on technology.

Theirs is a world of tablets and texting; blogs, videos and all things digital.

“These are the kids who have never even known a world without cell phones,” said Brandy Roane, PhD, Associate Professor Physiology and Anatomy and a certified behavioral sleep medicine specialist.

For all the good that technology has delivered, the digital age has brought with it some serious side effects for the nation’s…

By Jan Jarvis

UNTHSC study seeks answers about Alzheimer’s and Hispanics

Charles and Teresa Gonzales

Charles and Teresa Gonzales know what dementia does to a person.

The Grand Prairie couple has lived through it with both of their mothers.

“The first thing I noticed was my mother kept asking the same question over and over,” Charles said. “She’d ask something and a few minutes later, ask it again.”

Teresa Gonzales observed a similar pattern in her mother.

“She would go for a drive and get lost,” she said. “She thought people were stealing from her.”

Charles and Teresa, now part of a comprehensive national…

By Alex Branch

From battlefields to baseball fields, biomechanical medicine helps patients regain function

An escalator accident severed Cruz Ramos’ index finger when he was a child, but that didn’t stop him from becoming a talented baseball player.

He discovered in youth league that by adjusting his grip and putting spin on the ball, he could make most of the same throws as his teammates.

But at 14 he faced tryouts for elite club teams and the squad at Trimble Tech High School. …

By Alex Branch

Dr. Rob Dickerman says UNTHSC prepared him for anything. Now he’s teaming up with his alma mater to take on glioblastoma.

The girl was only 18, but a herniated disc pinched a nerve root in her back so severely that she could barely move her foot enough to push a pedal on a bicycle.

No treatment had helped, so the girl’s family took her to Rob Dickerman, DO, PhD.

Dr. Dickerman, a neurosurgeon and UNT Health Science Center alumnus, recognized that surgery was required and stood over her one morning at Presbyterian Hospital of Plano, gazing steely-eyed…

By Jeff Carlton

Could DNA testing prove that blood on a pair of old glasses belonged to Bonnie Parker?

She wore eyeglasses — the kind one wears to see better, not dark ones for glare or disguise. They were silver rimmed, and fell from her shot-torn face as her limp form was lowered from the car onto a funeral truck. The glasses were thickly splotched with blood, the blood of a killer’s girl friend, whose thorny trek through a short-lived life, haunted by man-hunting officers, was lastly and effectively pricked with the carrying out of orders to “shoot to kill.”

By Jan Jarvis

Culinary Medicine course promotes healthy lifestyle and personal connection between doctor and patient

As someone who enjoys a good meal, Molly Chang was eager to sample the different dishes that are cooked each week in the Culinary Medicine course.

“I love trying out recipes and eating new foods, so cooking with friends and getting a free meal is right up my alley,” she said.

But as a medical student, Chang could see past the tasty cuisine.

“Besides having a set of amazing recipes and handouts for my future patients, I feel more comfortable discussing my patient’s eating…


UNT Health Science Center is one of the nation’s premier graduate academic medical centers specializing in patient-centered education, research, and healthcare.

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